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JetMaster Photo Panel 24" x 30", Black Edge (5 per carton, price is for 1 carton)

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For printers looking for ways to up sell resin coated photo prints, the JetMaster Photo Panel is the ideal option. JetMaster Photo Panels feature an adhesive coating on the front face, making image display quick and simple. Just apply your print and display on walls or table tops. A depth of 1″ and the option of a black or white edge finish makes the JetMaster Photo Panel compatible with almost any interior décor scheme. Available in sizes ranging from 5×5″ up to 24×30″ JetMaster Photo Panels feature a lightweight foam core making them ideal for large scale image display. All sizes come complete with pre drilled holes on the back of the panel for easy hanging and smaller sizes come complete with a desk stand for table top display. Why not change the finished result by using a selection of gloss, satin or lustre resin coated inkjet photo papers?

How to make a JetMaster Photo Panel

Begin by printing your image to the standard size indicated on the Photo Panel packaging.

  1. Remove a small corner of the release liner on the face of the JetMaster Photo Panel.
  2. Position the photo panel into the alignment tool.
  3. Place your print on top of the panel and use the alignment tool to ensure it is straight.
  4. Apply pressure to the exposed adhesive to secure your print in place.
  5. Remove the JetMaster Photo Panel from the alignment tool.
  6. Remove the rest of the release liner, use a roller to apply even pressure over the entire surface of the print.
  7. Place the photo panel face down on a cutting matt and use a knife or rotary cutter to trim off the excess media.