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Epson SpectroProofer® 17"

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SpectroProofer® 17"

The SpectroProofer series is an optional high performance in­line spectrophotometer developed jointly with X­Rite, providing automated color measurement directly on a supporting Epson Stylus Pro printer. A simple installation process allows the option to be added at any time. An included print dryer accelerates ink dry­down prior to the patch reading for improved consistency. SpectroProofers are fully compatible with industry leading third-party RIPs and roll media workflows. Contact an Epson Authorized Graphic Arts reseller for pricing, compatibility information and assistance choose from the following:

17" SpectroProofer for the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 and P5000:

Spectro17 X-Rite ILS20EP – Fixed M0 illuminate
Spectro17UV X-Rite ILS20EPUV – Fixed M2 Illuminate, UV-Cut
Spectro17UVS X-Rite ILS30EP – software selectable: M0, M1, and M2 Illuminates, XRGA compliant

For optimal SpectroProofer performance install the latest firmware for your printer using the LFP Remote Panel 2 utility software