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Pre-coated Fabrics

JIFS offers two types of premium-quality custom fabric coating for textiles, FabriSign and ProCoat for customers using wide format digital printers. Our line of coated fabrics includes: bamboos, cottons, linens, nylons, polyesters and silks. The coatings do not alter the feel of the fabrics – they remain soft.

FabriSign Coated Fabrics

Cotton | Silk | Linen & Bamboo | Polyester | Nylon

FabriSign is a professional coating used for any aqueous (water-based) inks—the inks found in all standard desktop and wide format graphics printers. FabriSign treated fabrics will be water-resistant, but not washable. Prints will yield deep, rich colors. FabriSign coating is perfect for fine art prints, giclée prints, banners, advertising prints and prototypes.

ProCoat Coated Fabrics

Cotton | Silk | Linen & Bamboo | Nylon

ProCoat fabrics are designed to be used with reactive or acid textile dyes. The treatment maintains resolution of the print and aids in the fixation and color yield of the print. ProCoat fabrics are completely washable and dry-cleanable, making them perfect for many applications including wearable and commercial textiles. ProCoat fabrics must be matched to the correct ink for the fabric type. Color is generally post-fixed by steaming or heating.

ProCoat Polyesters

ProCoat polyester fabrics are ideal for outdoor flags and banners. Like all ProCoat fabrics, these polyesters must be matched to the correct ink type.

Polyesters for Solvent Printing

100% polyesters treated for printing with standard solvents. These fabrics are normally supplied without paper backing but we can back them for an additional $2.00 per yard.

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